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Francisco Pires and family farm:

”Nova Calforce helps us achieve our goals”



Francisco Pires and family farm is located on Terceira Island, in the Azores, Portugal. The farm started 38 years ago, with 15 milking cows. Today they are milking around 200 cows, mostly Holstein breed but also some jersey cows.



The importance of the management of calves, its diseases and growth rates are very well known. Problems in the calves’ management can lead to economic losses from deaths, mobility and delay growth, with impact at the age of first calving and decreased milk production in the first lactations.


It is extremely important to reduce the microbial contamination of the milk used to feed the calves, since it may contain pathogens that can cause disease in the animals. Because of this, with the objective of improving calves’ performance, this farm tested Nova Calforce, a mineral feed to apply in the colostrum, milk, milk replacer or water, to reduce the microbial contamination and to promote better health of the calves, reducing the incidence and severity of diarrhea and lead to better growth rates.


During the trial period, 45 calves were followed up. Their feeding consisted of 3 liters of milk, twice a day, up to weaning. All calves had ad libitum concentrate feed and water. 22 of the calves were fed with untreated waste milk (control group) and 23 of the calves were fed with waste milk and Nova Calforce.


During the trial period, it was observed that the calves drinking Nova Calforce® performed better and that when they got sick, the severity of the disease was lighter and the animals recovered faster than the calves of the control group. Regarding the growth rate, the calves fed with Nova Calforce® had higher weights at weaning, with an average daily gain 71,5g higher than the control group and an average weight at weaning higher by 6 Kg.



The farmer, Francisco Pires states based on the results: In a dairy farm like ours, that is growing, I think it is very important not to lose the future dairy cows. In order to increase profitability of the farm, the objective is to raise calves with good average daily gain and good health, so that they can start reproduction sooner and with higher potential to produce milk. Because of this, Nova Calforce® ’ can be an important tool for achieving this goals.