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Nitric acid classified as poisonous


Information about nitric acid

In the future, products containing nitric acid will be classified with a new hazard symbol on the label.  Productts containing more than 26% nitric acid will be classified as "Toxic if inhaled" and will therefore have an additional hazard symbol on the label: Poisonous. This change is due to new data from REACH-registrations and not a change in the product conposition. Novadan's Research and Development Dept. is working on replacing nitric acid in products where it is possible and without any loss of properties. 

We will however still have products with more than 26% nitric aicd in our product range - this will be stated in the safety data sheet. 

These changes will be implemented during the coming months. Please contact us if any questions to this new regulation. 

Furthermore, please be aware that nitric acid with 26% or more must be stored in a locked room.



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Nitric acid classified as poisonous


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