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Nitric acid now classified as poisonous


Novadan informs:

Nitric acid now classified as poisonous

New labelling

Nitric acid is used in many different applications in different segments and the product has until now been classified corrosive and oxidizing. In the future this classification will change since products containing more than 26% nitric acid in addition will be classified ” toxic by inhalation ” and get an extra hazard symbol on the label: “Poisonous”. This change is due to new data from the REACH-registrations and not due to changes in the product compositions.


Novadan has updated labels and documentation

Suppliers of nitric acid are consequently in a process of changing the classification of the products concerned. As for Novadan, we have already updated labels and safety data sheets with the new classification – partly due to legislation, partly due to the safety of our customers and employees.

According to legislation ”all suppliers are required to classify the substance according to the current knowledge. In case the supplier has received new information from the manufacturer of nitric acid that the classification of the substance also includes Acute tox 3 – the supplier MUST – without any unnecessary delay – update own safety data sheets and labels accordingly.”  Since Novadan received safety data sheets from the manufacturers of nitric acid already in 2017, we have now updated our labels and documentation in order to avoid “any unnecessary delay”.  

Furthermore, Novadan is of the opinion that customer and employee safety must be first priority and since this knowledge is now known, we have found it important to make it visual and draw attention to the change of classification now. As a responsible supplier of products containing nitric acid, Novadan’s products are updated according to the new rules.

Novadan’s products

Novadan’s development department is working on replacing nitric acid in products where possible without change in effect.  We will still have products with more than 26% nitric acid in our product range though.  This will as described above be indicated in the safety data sheet. In general, Novadan’s development department is continuously in a process where we focus on phasing out ”dangerous” substances and instead use ”less dangerous” substances – always with safety, legislation and effect in mind.

Poison permit and storage

The rules regarding permission to buy and store products labelled ”poisonous” vary from country to country. Be aware of the rules in your country!

 In Denmark, a poison permit is required in order to buy products with more than 26% or more nitric acid, and it is required that the products are stored with locker and a yellow poison sign on the door.

The poison permit can be obtained electronically at Arbejdstilsynet on – this requires NemID and is valid in three years. In case a company does not have a poison permit, a supplier is not allowed to sell nitric acid to this company.

 In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Novadan.  



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