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Natriumhypochlorit - IMPORTANT



After July 1., 2019, our product: Natriumhypochlorit/ Blegeessens will no longer be sold as surface disinfection due to the Biocidal Products Regulation. Consequently, Novadan recommends all customers that buy Natriumhypochlorit/Blegeessens to change to an alternative product as soon as possible. It is allowed to use the products in stock for surface disinfection until December 31., 2019. 

We recommend our customers the following alternatives: 

Hypochlor Des, which is stabilized chlorine primarily used in CIP-applications but also recommended for OPC (surface disinfection) as replacement for Natriumhypochlorit. 
Duration: 12 months.

Desinfect CL, which contains a foaming surfactant (like Des Foam PAA).
Duration: 6 months.


More information about the alternative products can be found on Novadan's website - Look for Download Product info sheets and MSDS: 

Natriumhypochlorit/Blegeessens can still be used for water treatment in swimming pools etc. 

Please contact your consultant at Novadan in case you would like advice about which product you should choose instead. 



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