Novadan | Case story - Hotel Las Aguilas

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Hotel Las Aguilas: "High quality matters to us!"


Previously, pre-soaking of dishes was necessary and the kitchen staff spent every day time on this task at Hotel Las Aguilas. This is no longer necessary. Instead they are now experiencing high quality dish washing that matches the high standard of the hotel.

Hotel Las Aquilas
The hotel Las Aguilas is a 4 star luxury hotel located on a mountain top with stunning paranomic views in Puerto de la Cruz in the North of Tenerife. As a guest, there are several restaurants to choose between, and the chefs cook a diverse selection of buffets offering traditional Spanish cuisine and international flavours. 
Clean dish washing is crucial in a luxury hotel like Las Aguilas and the kitchen personnel has to be able to rely on the quality of the dish washing.
From liquid to powder
Hotel Las Aguilas has always used liquid detergents for their tunnel dishwasher, which is running several hours every day. The dishwasher staff normally spent extra time in cleaning dishes by ”putting” coffee cans, glasses and very dirty dishes in a bowl with chlorine water before washing the dishes in the dishwasher. 
This was quite time consuming.
However, after having installed the Dema System together with Novadan Bistro Powder 743, Hotel Las Aguilas has reduced the time spend by the dishwasher staff, because they do no longer need to let the dishes soak in a chlorine water bowl. 
Another advantage is that the kitchen staff is not exposed to the smelling of chlorine anymore. 
High quality products

So with regard to the quality of the washed plates, cups, cutlery etc., the kitchen personnel at the Totel Las Aguilas is satisfied. Kitchen Chef Manuel Berriel states: “The testing period showed that Novadan’s products are of high quality and we have no second thoughts about continuing with Novadan as our supplier. The dishes come out very clean which is of high importance to us”. 
Other products
Beside from detergents to the tunnel dish washer, Hotel Las Aguilas will add Bistro Glas 345 to the lists of Novadan products in their kitchen. 
Bistro Glas 345 will be used in their dishwasher, where Hotel Las Aguilas has problems with calcium on the glasses and inside in the dishwasher. Novadan has recommended Hotel Las Aguilas to descale the dishwasher with Lime 374 before installing the dosing system together with Bistro Glas 345 and Bistro Rinse 380.  
Bistro Glas 345 has a special formulation which protect glasses from getting a calcium coating on the surface.
Bistro Rinse 380 is very suitable use together with Bistro Glas 345 because of its properties of keeping glasses dry and shiny. 
And on the list of Novadan products are also Bistro Oven 346 and Bistro Imo 311. 
At Hotel Las Aguilas, the kitchen floors are cleaned with a floor washing machine. Novadan recommends to use Bistro Imo 311, because the product is very good at dissolving grease from kitchen floors.
Kitchen Chef Manuel Berriel is not in doubt: ”Due to the high quality of these products, I will recommend Novadan to other hotels with professional kitchens”.