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Change of supplier resulted in 34 % more washes at Scania in Kolding! 


Despite the fact that the transport industry is still struggling with the financial crisis, which started in 2008, there is a lot of positivity at Scania’s Kolding department, where Freddy Houen is head of department for 13 people in the garage and in the car wash.

Freddy Houen has noticed progress in the number of washes in the car wash in 2012. Kim Schmidt from the car wash has succeeded in carrying out approx. 34% more washes in 2012, than possible the last couple of years. And this is noticeable on the turnover!


It all started in the beginning of 2012 when Scania in Kolding agreed with Novadan about testing a new degreasing agent for trucks/road tankers. Novadan had just finished developing a more effective product which had been in demand on the market for some time. A product which can manage the difficult winter wash of the trucks/ road tankers, but which can also be used the rest of the year. Scania in Kolding tested the products: Notra Alka 80 and Notra Alka Booster on some "test cars", and the result was positive. So positive that Scania in Kolding replaced their supplier at that time and now bought all detergents from Novadan.

This proved to be a good decision.


Kim Schmidt who is responsible for the car wash has everything under control and due to his great commitment he is highly dedicated in handling the tasks. He controls how many washes are carried out a day/ month/year, and he puts pride in the result being optimal.

With the change to Novadan as supplier, Kim Schmidt carefully followed the recommended dosing and mixing ratio. Kim found out that where it earlier took 45 minutes for him to wash a truck he could now do it in 25 minutes. That is nearly twice as fast! The reason for that is that he had to use more manpower earlier, whereas he now could soap in the trucks, leave them for a while and then the machine could mostly do the work itself. Kim tells: 

"It does not only go faster. It is as if the brush slides easier, and that is a great advantage". Kim continues: "And in the summer I do not have to use Insect Remover. The product takes care of that by itself."


The change of supplier meant that the capacity was bigger in the car wash and that Kim was not physically burdened in the same way as before. It also meant that the turnover increased accordingly. With professional salesmen who have been able to get more customers to the increased capacity, the car wash was now running at full speed. Freddy Houen says: "With Novadan’s products, we have succeeded in washing many more trucks. And that compared with the fact that we attach more importance to customer service than many other places and often put an extra effort into it, it has meant that we have created great loyalty with the customers. They come back and that means a lot".


And it is not just the efficiency which pleases Freddy Houen, who continues: "Previously, we unfortunately experienced once in a while that the trucks were rejected when the vets controlled them. This year, we have not had any complaints at all." Scania in Kolding especially uses Foam 136 for interior washing of refrigerated trailers and Freddy gives Novadan’s products credit for the fact that the cars are no longer rejected. "That also increases the customers’ loyalty and satisfaction", he says. Kim Schmidt adds with a smile that one day, a customer called after an exterior washing. On the telephone, the driver said: "What have you done to my truck?" and he added: "….it has never been that clean!"


Scania in Kolding is a well-run department where the employees want to help each other. Nobody is too good to help other people. If there is a need for an extra person in the car wash one day, one of the colleagues from the garage often gives a hand. The employees understand the customers’ situation and try to offer the customers the service they ask for. At Scania in Kolding there is the opportunity for "self washing" outside working hours which many customers make use of.

Freddy Houen emphasizes that just like they offer great service to their customers, they appreciate that Novadan’s service and guidance are optimal. Among other things, he finds it very positive that they only have to buy one IBC a time from Novadan, whereas he had to buy minimum two at a time from their former supplier.

Novadan’s products, however, cost a bit more than the competitor’s products but on the other hand he does not use the same amount in spite of many more washes and with all the other advantages on top he is happy that they decided to change supplier to Novadan earlier in the year.

"We have nothing to complain about", he says.