Novadan | Farmer Norman Hansen

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focus on cell count paid off



Norman Hansen from the Danish town Tjele is a farmer with a herd of 230 cows in new stables. Previously, he had problems with bacteria and therefore chose to participate in "Project Cell Count", whereby the focus on the cell count was increased.

As a part of the project, a new procedure was introduced where 55 fresh cows were "treated specially", so they were always milked first. And furthermore, after milking, they were consequently dipped with Novadan’s product: Jopo Film.

JOPO FILM is a barrier teat dip for use after milking. JOPO FILM is based on PVP iodine with an iodine content of 3000 ppm active iodine. The composition of caring ingredients as well as the disinfecting iodine makes JOPO FILM caring and softening and gives high protection between the milking.

There was also focus on disinfection of the teat-cups.


The effort paid off. The increased focus meant that the cell count dropped by 100,000, which Norman Hansen of course is very pleased with.

Norman tells that it now has been two years since he started using Jopo Film for all fresh cows. Furthermore, he has a good experience with another Novadan product: Viri Foam, which he has used for all 230 dairy cows for a long time. 

"We have used Viri Foam for many years. The product is very softening and dirt leaves the teats easily", Norman Hansen says.

VIRI FOAM is a foaming teat wipe-off agent for use right before milking. The agent easily dissolves dirt and thereby ensures a gentle cleaning of the udder. Foam-making ingredients are mild and gentle to the skin and they are approved for use in cosmetic products.