Novadan | Farmer Jens Jacobsen

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reduced risk of udder inflamation saves time and money!



Jens Jacobsen who lives in the Danish town Outrup focuses a lot on udder health. Previously, udder health and udder inflammation caused Jens many problems and thereby much annoyance.

Jens is very aware that a high cell count is an indication that a cow is infected and can infect other cows. Furthermore, cows with an increased cell count cause decrease in performance. So it is profitable to focus on udder health, because it definitely can affect the bottom line.


A colleague encouraged Jens Jacobsen to use Novadan products and in collaboration with the LINDS consultant, Jakob Gottschalk, udder health was controlled. Actually, the frequency of udder inflammation has been low since then. And that pleases Jens Jacobsen: "A milk producer advised me to use Viri Foam, and that has prevented udder inflammation and thereby also saved both time and money".  

Viri Foam is a foam agent which is used right before milking.

On average, the cell count is 180,000. In September, it was 123,000, and in the winter, it is often approx 100,000.

Jens tells that the time consumption maybe has increased by 5 min when foam is used for teat wash, but that does not make much difference, when it is much easier to wipe off the teats with a damp cloth subsequently.


Jens Jacobsen has also used Novadan’s products after milking: "A month and a half ago, I started using Viri Te Spray and since then, I have not treated a cow for udder inflammation!"

Viri Te Spray is a teat spray ready to use right after milking.

Jens Jacobsen has approx. 100 cows of the breed Dansk Holstein in a conventional barn. In the summer, the cows are grazing and are therefore in different stalls which results in a little mess, but still there are no bacteria problems..... and the performance is also good. Actually, it is 10,300 EKM milk.


Also in connection with cleaning of the milking unit, Jens Jacobsen uses Novadan’s products.

Previously, Jens had problems with milk deposits in the tank, but after he switched to Perfekt Alka, there are no more yellow deposits in the tank. And that is not all – the bacterial count is at an impressing 3,000!

PERFECT ALKA is used for cleaning of milking pipelines, cooling tanks and the like.

When cleaning the milking unit, Jens uses F60+ and Perfect Alka.

The bacterial count reflects the number of bacteria in the milk. This number says something about the milking hygiene on the farm – but also something about how the milk has been stored.


So altogether, the switch to Novadan’s products has been very satisfying for Jens Jacobsen. But Jens is not only satisfied with the products.

For Jens Jacobsen, the collaboration with Lind’s consultant: Jacob Gottschalk has been a positive experience because he has made himself acquainted with Jens’ situation and been supportive. Good guidance and a good sparring partner is an important part of the collaboration, and it means something, when the Linds consultant makes an extra effort.