Novadan | Farmer Per at Jakob Jakobsen

Farmer Per at Jakob Jacobsen
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A pure joy......!



Jakob Jakobsen from the Danish town Hovedgaard has a herd of 155 Danish Holstein cows in a free stall barn.

Last year, there were problems with the bacterial count, but after having used Perfekt Alka and F60+ from Novadan, the problems are gone. The cows are milked twice a day and the result is high performance of quality milk. The performance is approx. 11,200 kilos of milk, Per Jensen tells proudly. He has worked there for the last seven years.


They use a 5-step wash with a cold rinse and the same products are used as cleaning agents in the cooling tank. In August/September the bacterial count was 3,000, which Per is very satisfied with. He tells: " We use Perfect Alka and F60+ in a 5-step wash with a cold rinse and with a bacterial count of 3,000 – so it is a pleasure....".  

PERFECT ALKA is used for cleaning of milking pipelines, cooling tanks and the like. The high alkalinity and the chlorine content in PERFECT ALKA make the product a problem solver in case of very dirty units. When used daily, cleanness and low cell counts are achieved.

F 60 + is used for disinfection of milking pipelines and cooling tanks. F 60 + is well suited for manual as well as automatic dosing in connection with automatic washing. F 60 + effectively removes lime and milk-stone precipitations and contains corrosion inhibitor.