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Bornholm's Andelsmejeri:

”Our UF-plant is now running at full speed!”

Optimization of the cleaning procedure and newly developed products have made the UF plant at Bornholm’s
Andelsmejeri run at full speed.
The UF-plant at Bornholm’s Andelsmejeri has for a long time been overloaded as the company wants to send as much of the protein that is left in their whey for further processing.Therefore, the requirements for their whey and the UF-plant that concentrates the whey protein are high.
”When Novadan asked us if we wanted to test some new Ro Dan products we readily agreed. Novadan focused on optimizing the cleaning and we hoped the optimization of the cleaning might be able to increase our capacity on the plant and thereby help us to expand the production without investing in new UF-plant.”
Before the cleaning optimization of the UF-system, there was a daily stop in the cleaning procedure in the enzyme phase for 4-6 hours in order to maximize the effect of the enzyme and thereby ensure a really good cleaning.
This means that the night shift had to remember to start the CIP when they came to work. Otherwise the membrane system would not be ready to start when the produced whey was ready to be concentrated.
It was therefore with great excitement that Bornholm’s Andelsmejeri was awaiting the results of the test phase, where Novadan worked on the optimization of cleaning.
Novadan started the test phase with the optimized product: Ro Dan 300E. The result was that the period where the system was switched off with the enzyme product, now could be cut away. Ro Dan 300E has therefore now become an integral part of the cleaning, and time savings of a minimum of 4 hours daily have been achieved.

Subsequently, the new acid product for membrane plants Ro Dan 18 was tested, and it has given the plant the final push, so the plant is now always running at extra speed.

As Jim and Rasmus from Bornholm’s Andelsmejeri explain:”Now we can hardly keep up with producing the whey, the plant is to concentrate.”. It does not just mean that the production is completed quicker than before - but also that it is possible to expand production while processing the produced whey. So this optimization of the cleaning helps to increase the earning potential without having to invest in new production equipment.

Bornholm’s Andelsmejeri attaches great importance to a high service level, quality products and consultancy from their suppliers.
Jim and Rasmus underline: ”We greatly appreciate the service we get from Novadan and we have great confidence in their knowledge about e.g. CIP- and membrane cleaning and the professionalism that they put in the implementation of their cleaning procedures and products.”

Jim and Rasmus continues: ”Novadan has in several years been a good and stable supplier of cleaning solutions to our company.”
They explain that Novadan has ensured that the cleaning runs at a high level on the membrane plant, ensured that production has been running at a good level and that membrane renewal not yet has been necessary. The membranes in the membrane system at Bornholm’s Andelsmejeri have been running satisfactorily for three years and they show no signs yet of fatigue.