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Numafa - case story

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”Now we offer warranty on washing!”

Previously, wash warranty was not a term, Numafa used in their marketing efforts to customers. But that is different now - after they have experienced how Novadan’s cleaning agents improve the washing effect on their machines.
Numafa is a dutch company with agents in many countries. The company develops, manufactures and sells industrial crate-, container- and pallet washing systems for both food and non-food industries and has many years of experience.
The machines are designed and constructed with sustained knowledge and attention to detail and with concern for the following parameters: Perfect cleaning, ease of operation, simple maintenance, favourable energy use, low water use and low noise.
Numafa has historically sold machines and service agreements in a traditional way but after they encountered Novadan in both Sweden and Ireland, where they experienced Novadan products’ washing influence on their machines, new ideas and thoughts came to mind. It turned out that with Novadan’s products and expertise, the washing effect on their machines were even better than previously seen.
For Numafa this meant new opportunities. They developed an entirely new concept to their customers where they -in addition to the traditional services- also offered a washing warranty on sale of a new machine. The warranty is based on exclusive use of products from Novadan! If the customers use products from any other supplier with the consequence of a reduced washing effect, it will invalidate the warranty.
Managing Director and owner Hans Andeweg states: ” We are pleased that we are now able to offer our customers of new machines this new concept, and the customers have welcomed the opportunity of washing warranties. Only with Novadan’s cleaning agents, we dare to offer our customers a washing warranty, as we can see a significantly improved washing result compared to other suppliers with whom we have experience.” 
Both Numafa and Novadan’s work on solutions for increased washing performance, is based on the Sinner’s circle. It assumes that there are four parameters that come into play on the effect of a wash. These four parameters are: Time, temperature, chemical and mechanical impact, and they can and should all be adjusted up and down relative to each other.
With quality products (washing machines and chemicals) and the Sinner’s circle in mind, the technicians from Numafa and Novadan achieve the best washing results.  
In this way, customers can confidently meet the e.g. HACCP regulations.
Hans Andeweg continues:” With the aid of the Sinner’s circle, our machines and Novadan’s chemicals, we dare to promise that our customers can meet the requirements given.”