Novadan | Container washing

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Large international customer:

”Our container washing machine is as good as new!”

About the customer
Novadan’s customer is a large international player in the food industry.

Container and bin washing
Containers are continuously washed in the customer’s container washing machine but as time has passed, deposits on the surfaces in the machine were clearly visible. Of course, this was much to the annoyance of the customer’s operators.

Cleaning of the container washing machine
After a dialogue with Novadan’s consultant, the customer decided to let Novadan carry out a cleaning with the purpose of removing the deposits.  
A Novadan team specialized in cleaning container washing machines evaluated the task. A cleaning process was initiated with several of Novadan’s highly effective products, eg. Novadan’s VIP1 og Cip Acid KA. 
Already after the first cleaning step, it was clear that the water turned red and that they were heading in the right direction. Following the complete cleaning process, which took appr. 2½ hours, the end result was evaluated and everyone agreed that the result was very satisfactory.  
The customer states: ”We didn’t really believe that it was possible to clean the container washing machine this well, but we decided to give it a try. All our doubts were put to shame, and now we feel that the container washing machine is as good as new”. 
Daily container washing
Also when it comes to the daily washing of containers, the customer has chosen Novadan as a supplier, and the customer feels confident with both consultancy and products. 
The customer explains: ”We are convinced that we have made the right choice when choosing Novadan as our supplier.  Everything is running perfectly now!”.
For the customer, the change of supplier to Novadan also 
meant an optimized solution as the dosage could be reduced from 1,8% to 0,7% with Novadan’s Cip Alka 60. In this connection, Novadan’s Technician mounted a new dosage system that works perfectly well. 
The customer wants anonymity due to the company’s communication guidelines.