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Successful cleaning course 

Employees at Varðin Pelagic in Faroe Island receive training in optimized cleaning processes

Learning more about cleaning
For the purpose of ensuring the highest cleaning standards at customers’ production facilities, Novadan often trains customers’ employees in different aspects of cleaning.

This was also the case this time. Together with our local distributor Blika in the Faroe Islands, we held a training course in the areas of optimized cleaning processes, safety, bacteriology and chemicals. 

65 employees at Varðin Pelagic participated with great interest in the course. They were eager to learn and asked many relevant questions. Among other training materials, the specially designed booklet for training courses: ”Basics of Cleaning” which focus on the basics in cleaning, was used. 

Knowledge is crucial
In order to effectively carry out cleaning in food processing companies and to ensure high cleaning standards while handling strong chemicals correctly, it is crucial that all employees dealing with this area are well-educated. Eyð Eidesgaard from Varðin Pelagic states: ”The training held by Novadan and Blika was exactly what we hoped for and it has given our employees a full and good understanding of how to deal with chemicals and how to optimize our cleaning processes.” 

The customer
Varðin Pelagic is a company working with pelagic fish production for human consumption. It has 16 processing lines, 9 packaging lines, and the freezing capacity is 1.200 ton per day. Other facts: Processing plant: 6.200 m2 and frozen storage capacity: 14.000 ton

The fish is frozen to -20°C in less than 4 hours. 

In Varðin Pelagic’s new factory, there is room for 18 automatic filleting machines. They have stocks in strategic European countries, such as Holland, Poland and Lithuania.