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IAT: "We want the whole package!"


You cannot say that IAT and Novadan co-operated closely a few years back. IAT bought a few products from Novadan but that was it.

However, that changed after a meeting in 2011, where Technical Manager Hardy Staal and Novadan’s Market Manager Auto, Mia Kølbæk, found out that IAT and Novadan could benefit from a partnership. It was not just to be a "supplier – customer" relationship it was also to include products, product development, courses and sparring.


For Hardy Staal, it is important that IAT maintains a good market position. That is possible by thinking ahead and focus on quality and safety. Hardy Staal started up the process of preparing IAT for 22000 ISO-certification (Food Safety) in 2011, and in that connection, the co-operation with Novadan with among others, courses would be a step in the right direction.

The first course concerning chemistry in general was held in 2011 at Novadan. The second course was held at IAT in 2012, and this time, application of chemistry in connection with food was in question. Here, Novadan’s many years’ experience in cleaning and disinfection in the food sector was a great advantage.

Hardy realized that the employees could benefit from a greater understanding of chemistry and thereby contribute to an optimization of the processes. And it has actually proved that the employees – several with many years’ experience – have helped with ideas for improvement and have been positive and understanding towards the process subsequently. Among others, the disinfection process between washing of one tanker and the next has become more efficient.


Today, IAT has just become 22000 ISO-certified – approx. 18 months after the decision was made. It is a strategic decision which gives the customers safety and security when choosing IAT. Furthermore, IAT is ISO 9001 - 14001 as well as SQAS certified.


The fact that Novadan can deliver "the whole package" has not only been advantageous in connection with the courses. Today, IAT is even better prepared for managing washing of tankers for food transportation. Products have been replaced with new ones and Novadan has contributed with sparring concerning optimal dosing of the products. Novadan has installed dosing equipment with the result that IAT neither consumes too much or too little of a product. In total, that has reduced the product consumption with 50 %, which is far more than expected.


The result is that the company has become more environmentally friendly than earlier and the work environment has also been improved as a result hereof. "It is far more than we could have hoped for", Hardy Staal tells, who has also planned several development projects with Novadan.


Hardy Staal continues: "We work well together with Novadan. It is a requirement for us that we can co-operate with our supplier and we can do that with Novadan. It was the right decision to enter into a partnership with them and it has given us a number of advantages that we did not have earlier".


The change to the new Novadan products has proceeded smoothly. Often, it is difficult to change the attitude to how things are done the best way, when employees with many years’ experience are in question. But several of them have expressed how satisfied they are with the solutions, among others the product: CIP Alka 60, which is used for interior CIP-cleaning of the tankers.

So altogether, it has been successful.