Novadan | COVID-19


initiatives at novadan


Novadan is closely following the latest news about COVID-19 and the guidelines that our authorities are issuing. This means that throughout this week we have put in place a number of initiatives to minimize the spread of Corona in the company and among our employees.

Internal initiatives at Novadan: 

  • All employees who can work at home must work at home.
  • From today we do not allow any visitors at the company. 
  • All meetings, travelling etc are postponed
  • Our consultants are ready to help and guide if any questions.
  • All critical areas such as production, storage and customer service have been divided in two and work in shifts to avoid the spread of the virus.   
  • Deliveries to and from Novadan are in focus, so that foreign carriers are in contact with our employees as little as possible.
  • All transport companies have been contacted and must follow the precautions set by our health authorities.


At present, there are no challenges with delivery of our products, and production is running as planned on a daily basis. The only product group that is challenged is hand disinfection, which we are working to get resolved.
We maintain a close dialogue with our suppliers about supplies and what else is happening in the European market of chemical raw materials.
This being said, we suggest all customers to carefully go through their stocks and consider these - just in case. 


As a customer you can help us by; 

  • sending all orders by mail. 
  • accepting the fact that many of our employees work at home during the coming weeks and to have a good appreciation of changes from the authorities. 
At Novadan we do everything in our power to ensure our production and our deliveries to all our customers. 


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