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Dear Novadan customer,

As the situation regarding Corona virus evolves, we receive a number of inquiries regarding our delivery and supply of our products, as well as transports to and from our company.

We would like to underline that Novadan does what is in our power to ensure the production of products to our customers.

Among other things, this means that:

  • Novadan has ongoing market surveillance and is in close contact to our suppliers. To date, procurement of raw materials has not been a challenge.
  • Novadan buys - as a minimum - every raw material from at least two different suppliers
  • Novadan has increased the quantities of ordered raw materials to ensure the production of products as well as increased our internal inventories.
  • In general, Novadan buys raw materials from suppliers from different regions/areas in order to ensure the procurement of raw materials in case of shutdowns of specific regions.
  • Novadan has a close dialogue with our carriers in order to ensure that the drivers have not been visiting the Corona-virus affected areas recently.  
  • Novadan has focus on the internal hygiene and the health and safety of our employees.


At the same time, we encourage our customers to consider security of supply when ordering products and to increase Novadan products in stock to sufficient levels.  

If any questions, please ask your Novadan contact person or Customer Service.


On behalf of Novadan

Jens L. Bramsen
Director of Sales



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