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Novadan service during Covid-19


Service from Novadan during Covid-19

As a supplier, Novadan feels a great responsibility for our customers.

Typically, our service agreements include a range of different services: Titration, evaluation of cleaning processes, trouble shooting, and it will all be followed up by a report.

At this time, Novadan is challenged as we cannot carry out the different services included in the agreements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and - at the same time - it seems as if the pandemic will be prolonged.

During the summer and forward, we hope to carry out all parts of our service agreements, however, all meetings/visits MUST be mutually agreed – preferably per mail – in order to avoid an unexpected visit from Novadan.

In case your company faces challenges where you would normally involve Novadan but you cannot accept visitors in the company, we can offer the following two solutions:


  1. With regarding to determination of concentration of the cleaning detergents used, we offer to measure concentration of tests taken according to our instructions and sent to Novadan.  We will then analyze the tests in our laboratory.  
  2. Meetings via Skype, Microsoft Teams or other video platforms where your Novadan consultant can assist with instructions, trouble shooting and guidance.

As a customer, please let us know if you would like us to send the latest reports in order to have the most recent documentation. 

At Novadan, we are all looking so much forward to returning to “normal”.  Then we will be able to get out and meet again and have face-to-face discussions about aspects such as cleaning, disinfection, and hygiene in general.

Jens Ole Jensen
Sales Manager Food



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