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900 series - traditional cleaning


During some time, Novadan has phased out the most environmental damaging substances in the products. 


The latest initiative is the 900-series with more concentrated products where the recommended dosage has been changed. In order to gain the same cleaning effect, a smaller dosage will therefore be required. Check the new dosage recommendations on the packaging. 


When products get more concentrated, the need for packaging will decrease. This means that the need for transportation of packaging will be reduced and therefore we can achieve a climate improvement regarding CO2 emissions.

The 900-Series climate and environmental advantages are:
- Less use of plastic packaging (bottles and cans)
- Reduced need for transportation (CO2)
- Safe waste sorting
- Ecolabelling (Swan)


The 900 series is Ecolabelled
The new 900-series is Swan-labelled (approved according to Criteria document, Version 6.2, Valid until 31-10-2022).
- Strict envornmental requirements - an all relevant parts of the product life cycle.
- Strict chemical requirements - for the benefit of the environment and your health
- Tightening of requirements - to create sustainable development (demands to new raw materials)
- Officially and  undependent certification - in order to be safe