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Novadan as a workplace

Novadan wants to create a workplace which reflects initiative and commitment, where everybody does their best. The goal is to attract competent and motivated employees.

Further specification of how Novadan practically handles this task in relation to the employees is evident from a number of policies, which are included as a part of our employment policy. These are written down in the employee manual. There are overall policies on a number of areas – among others:

  • Employement policy
  • Quality, environment and working environment policies
  • Education policy
  • Health policy
  • Harassment pollicuy
  • Smoking policy
  • Employee development interviews

Furthermore, Novadan has a formalised security system which among others involves regular and mandatory workplace evaluation for every employee. 


At the moment, we do not have any vacancies but you are welcome to send your unsolicited application. We keep all applications for six months, so we have the opportunity to contact you if there is a vacancy which matches your qualifications – we are looking forward to hearing from you.

You can send your application to:

If you want to apply for a job in the production or in the stock, you can download an application form application form (pdf) here.